Team Duties

All Year 3/4 teams in the 10.30am round - ALL teams are to take the portable goals to the trolley at the front gate and stack tidily, sandbag to the supermarket trolley at the front gate, remove the lower hoop on the permanent goal and put under bed frame in the first aid room and turn the permanent goal around so netted goal is facing on court.

Allocated Named Teams - remove the lower hoops on the permanent goals from Courts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 and turn the goals around so the netted goal is facing on court.  Removable goals to go in the first aid room under the bed frame..

Pavilion Duty - allocated team will do a quick check around and in the Pavillion (rubbish, restocking, tidy)


We endeavour to make decisions about cancellations as soon as reasonably possible and will make sure to notify teams accordingly using Email, Facebook and the homepage of our Website.  We appreciate people are keen to know if games are on or not but encourage everyone to keep an eye on the mentioned media sources.  Cancellations will be made by 7.30am on Saturdays and no later than 4pm Mondays, if there is no notification of cancellations by the times noted then games continue as planned.

Coach Email Distribution List

If you are a coach of a Junior Team and not receiving draw information please click here to sign up for the distribution list!

Click on the button below to open the printable version of the draw including Important Information and Skill Development Focus for the week.

We have had teams not turn up but remember your opposition still will so please get in touch!  If you need to default because of sickness please let us know before 12pm Friday, if not earlier, to allow time for us to get hold of the other team.

​​​​​​​Please tell your parents to let you know as early as possible so you can make a decision prior.
We do not check messages after 5pm Friday, or before7.30am Saturday.


No Netball for Year 1/2 teams on Monday 22 August (mid-block break) - Return Monday 29 August.